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Tennessee Times

Published December 26, 2013 by Jana

Random notes, things I want to remember and pics from Tennessee . . .

  • Gas when I left PA – $3.45 for regular unleaded
  • Lowest I have seen gas in TN – $2.98 for regular unleaded
  • Gas is a big issue for me when I am driving, my house uses a LOT!
  • Driving my house is a lot more stressful than driving a car.  And I have to do a lot more planning, route wise.  It’s not so much fun on windy back roads, huh, imagine that!
  • A Wal-Mart had chicken livers in their hot deli display.  I love chicken livers and am so glad I had my Mom show me how to make them a year or so before she died.  Wal-Mart chicken livers . . . well, dry, gross, tasteless pretty much covers it.  Glad it was a free sample.
  • I am loving getting to see my great nieces, we are taking tomorrow off from the visiting.  Parents are working and I really need to clean my house and do some laundry.

2013-12-25 Tennessee 001 2013-12-26 Tennessee 051

  • I should have planned my gift choices for the girls a little better.  I have glitter from the dress up costumes spread from the front to the back of my house.  But the Renn Fairre jingle belts and Fairre Hair were a hit!

 2013-12-26 Tennessee 037  2013-12-26 Tennessee 005

  • We went up to the campground playground around 3:00 this afternoon.  There was still frost on the ground in spots.

2013-12-26 Tennessee 023

2013-12-26 Tennessee 035  2013-12-26 Tennessee 029

  • I have read that when you take pictures and there are those orbs of light (See the 2 spots on the pic below) that they are spirits of loved ones.  I like to think the 2 spots on this picture are Mom and Scott, visiting the girls with me.  Those 2 spots also showed up on a couple of the other pics I took at the same time.  I am sure some science person could explain what happens, please don’t bother, let me believe . . .

2013-12-26 Tennessee 002

  • I will be spending some more time with the girls and family on Saturday.  Build a Bear and dinner out somewhere.  Never been to Build a Bear, I may gain a traveling companion after the visit.
  • Sunday morning I am heading for FL. shows 60 + for the lows for the first few days I am there with highs in the 70’s and 80’s.  We shall see . . .

I have collected many quotes over the years, on many subjects, from books I have read or just from seeing it quoted somewhere.  I am going to randomly, when I remember, add an inspirational travel quote.  Some I have used with my pictures to make posters, and I will add some of them as well.

Happy travels!



It’s Just So Not Fair . . .

Published December 24, 2013 by Jana lies.  I know, shame on me for actually believing a weather forecast, but it was supposed to be warm, not even below freezing, for most of my visit here in Tennessee.

See the picture for proof that that is not happening.

2013-12-24 Tennessee 001

Yes, that is not dust on my lens, it is SNOWING!!!

But the girls are coming to visit soon, so I will deal.