By the Numbers:

Published January 2, 2014 by Jana
Nights “Gone”


Nights in campgrounds


Nights “Off the grid”


     at Wal-Mart


     on the street outside my dentists office


Gas by the gallon


Miles driven




Highest gas price I paid (in Florida)


Lowest gas price I paid (in Tennessee)


Number of times I have been “lost” in my house (not as fun as getting “lost” in my car!)


Tolls paid


Musical rivers crossed (Suwanee)


Number of times a train has sounded its horn on the way through my campground in FL since I arrived 6 hours ago


Number of DVD’s I have watched from my Christmas present to me


Interesting, to me at least, and since I am using this blog in place of the hand-written journal I usually keep when I travel, you shall just have to deal with my oddities.  Feel free to skip those entries you deem unworthy of your time.

Sorry, apparently Excel charts do not transfer to WordPress very well.

Some other interesting tidbits:

  •     At gas stations, bars and toll booths, people seem to have the same reaction to my trip.  Say this with a Southern accent, and it is generally what I’m hearing, from men and women, young and old . . . “You drahvin’ that big thing all by you’self?!?!”  I usually just smile and say “Sure am”, but if this keeps up I’m liable to grab someone by the throat and scream “WHY SOULDN’T I BE?!?!?”
  •     My Christmas present to me . . . The Collectors set of Inspector Morse, I’m a sucker for British detective stories.  I already have many seasons of the Midsomer Murders series, they are still making it.  I think Inspector Lewis might be next.  Or maybe Poirot . . .

2013-12-24 Tennessee 010

  •     And there goes the train again!  Now 4 times in 7 hours (it is 9:00 pm), I sure hope it stops overnight!  And since I wrote this, it went by twice more before midnight, when I shut the lights off to go to sleep.  Then again at 12:05, 1:42 and 2:47.  And finally just a few minutes ago at 5:49.  I conceded defeat to the train masters and decided to get up.  This will be a very un-relaxing stay if this continues.

2013-12-31 Florida 017

  •     I hung the jingle scarf I got for myself.  It scared me several times while driving, I thought things were breaking in my house!  But I will leave it up, it covers a little more of the flowery stuff that I don’t really like.  So does the Fairre Hairre I put up!
  •     It’s 9:00 am Dec 31 and it is 73 degrees outside, I love Florida in the winter!

2013-12-31 Florida 020

2013-12-31 Florida 049

2013-12-31 Florida 038

2013-12-31 Florida 058

   Later Gator!


“Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness.” – Ray Bradbury

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