Fun in Florida, Part 1

Published January 3, 2014 by Jana

Fun in Florida, Part 1

So New Years Eve and New Years Day were my first two full days here in Florida.  I spent both of them with my cousin Tammy and her family. 

NYE she came and got me in the morning to take me to a car rental place.  Then she decided I could use her car for a couple of days since she did not have to work until Friday, January 3rd.  Awesome! 

When she called to let me know she was coming I headed down to the campground office.  The office is open 9:00 to noon, that’s it.  So I went to settle up my bill for the week.  They don’t take credit cards.  Yes, this is a really old fashioned kind of campground.

2013-12-31 Florida 057

But they were very nice.  I talked to them for a bit because I knew I had at least half an hour until Tammy got there.  I asked them about NYD traditions, explaining about the pork and sauerkraut we do.  The one lady, who has been here since the 80’s said there is a southern tradition to eat black eyed peas on NYE for good luck.  But “I ain’t eaten a black eyed pea since ah been here”.  Lol, love the southern accent!

The campground is right on the Indian River / Intercoastal Waterway.  I walked out to the little beach they have just across the street.  Filled with litter and weeds, but I don’t think anyone actually uses it as a beach, just a party spot.  Too bad. 

There is a little diner beside the beach, Bluezy’s Happy Snapper.  I love the shark eating the fluffy ladies legs.  They serve breakfast and I intend to go down one of these days to try it.  Tammy used to go there, but says the prices went up and the food quality went down after it changed owners.

2013-12-31 Florida 032

The downtown area of Jensen Beach is rather quaint.  There is a Tony Romo’s restaurant there.  I knew Tammy’s husband Rick is a Dallas Cowboys fan (sorry!) and when Tammy picked me up I asked if she knew if Rick knew about it, being a Cowboys fan, that I, as an Eagles fan, would not go into under any circumstances.  She was like, huh?  Who is that?  Not a football follower.

We went several places.  She knew of a spot to see manatees.  Of course, it was too warm and they weren’t there!  They come to that spot when it is colder because the water there is warmer.

We also went to a park whose name I can’t remember.  The pelican pictures in the “Georgia On My Mind” post is from there.  I should have explained that then.  Oops!

We just walked around and chatted for a while.  Tammy and her daughter, Asia, have started a business in Stuart, Florida.  Royal Pet Nannies.  You can check out the website,, if you want to see what it is about.

Later Gator!


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