Fun in Florida, Part 2

Published January 4, 2014 by Jana

Oh, before I forget again, the trains stopped on New Years Eve and I got a full nights sleep!  I was asleep before midnight, I was falling asleep while watching an episode of Inspector Morse, and so I just went to bed.  I think I am getting old!

NYD I was texting with Jen and accidently turned my phone off.  I kept pushing the button to turn it back on and it wouldn’t come on.  I pretty much never turn it off and I got fed up, threw it in my backpack and headed out to do some laundry.  After I got that going I got the phone out and tried again.  I keep forgetting that you have to have it flipped open to turn it on!  My blonde moment of the day. 

When I got to Tammy’s I got the computer out and signed into their network.  Tammy was going to show me how to write the blog posts in MS Word and then send them to WordPress for publishing.  If you do that, you have all the Word formatting and font options.  WordPress doesn’t give you many options at all and I would like to make it look different. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure it out.  I probably mucked something up while playing with my computer settings a few months ago.  Oh well, it will continue to look the same until I, or someone much more computer savvy, can fix it.

We had a traditional PA NYD meal of pork and sauerkraut, very tasty!  When I stopped at the Gainesville (supposed) ‘Super’ Wal-mart a couple of nights ago, I had looked for pork and sauerkraut, as I didn’t know what I would be doing.  Their idea of ‘Super’ is not the same as mine.  There were 3 aisles of groceries, and one of them was beer!  It is a college town.

 2014-01-02 Florida 009

2014-01-02 Florida 016

2014-01-02 Florida 028

Later Gator!


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