Three Billys Before Godzilla

Published January 7, 2014 by Jana

I had a rough travel day yesterday, so consider this post a bonus.  The next few are going back in time to Florida, where it was at least above freezing every moment I was there!

The GPS led me astray last night, in the dark, onto small gravel roads, in my 36’ motorhome.  Not so happy last night.  I had Wal-Mart in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi as my destination.  I found it be accident after taking what would have been a scenic drive through the town, had it been light.  Anyway, I made it.

And on the GPS subject, there are all kinds of routing options; mostly freeways, avoid tolls, etc.  Well where is the avoid TUNNELS option?  Around Mobil, AL, miles in advance, signs warned of a tunnel.  I was twitchy the whole way.  I do not like tunnels.  And I think this one went underwater.  I was on a bridge over some big body of water for miles before the tunnel.  It would have been very pretty, again, had it been light.

Anyway, while driving I listen to my IPod.  My ITunes has not worked for a few years so my sister loads it for me.  Good and bad.  She doesn’t have all the music I do, but she has stuff I don’t.  I play it in alphabetical order, well ITunes version of alphabetical order at least.

So I get Billy Idol, Billy Joel and Billy Ocean, followed by that Godzilla song.  You know, Go, go Godzilla.  I have no clue who sings that song.  It starts with a B or C, because the next song that I know is a Cranberries song.



“Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.” – Paul Theroux

2014-01-03 Florida 085 (2)

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