Clean House

Published January 16, 2014 by Jana

I washed my house.  It was really dusty, thank you Texas, New Mexico and Arizona!  I’m not really a vehicle washing person.  I have washed my car maybe 6 times in the 6+ years I’ve had it.  I just don’t much care how they look, as long as they rung fine. 

But whenever I wanted in one of the storage compartments I had to touch all that dirt, and I guess I’m a little prissy ‘cause I just didn’t like that!

The white car is the rental I have for a month.  It is a zippy little car that does great on gas.  Works for me because I have many places I want to see out here.

2014-01-14 Arizona 001

The peacock ornament is a gift for my sister, Jen, for somewhere in her acre yard.  I hope she’ll like it, I think it’s pretty awesome, so I decided to use it while I’m here.  It rocks back and forth in the wind and the colors on the feathers sparkle in the sun. 

When I saw it, the first thing I thought of was my Mom.  She had these 2 metal peacock decorative things in the house as I was growing up.  They didn’t have all the colors, just the shape, but it just reminded me of her.



“A wise traveler never despises his own country.” – Pamela Goldoni

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