Thar She Blows!

Published January 27, 2014 by Jana

I went on a whale watching tour before leaving Morro Bay.  I’ve always wanted to do one, for some reason I just never did. 

2014-01-22 Thar She Blows 018

2014-01-22 Thar She Blows 044

2014-01-22 Thar She Blows 045

We saw at least 4 different grey whales.  They are on their Alaska to Mexico migration now.  Not very good pictures, but it was so much fun.  I just like being out on the water. 

2014-01-22 Thar She Blows 046

2014-01-22 Thar She Blows 053

2014-01-22 Thar She Blows 054

These are sea lions in Morro Bay.  The guide on the whale watch explained the difference between the seal species, I just don’t remember!

2014-01-22 Thar She Blows 003

I drove up the coast to Carmel and then turned East, heading to Yosemite.  The central California coast is just beautiful, I could spend a lot of time here. 

2014-01-22 Central California Coast 116

And it is far enough from the ‘big cities’, so that was even better. 

2014-01-22 Central California Coast 135

I don’t know what these are, they are not the typical sea oats at least.  The fuzzy part is 2 – 3 feet long.  Maybe they are some mutant California form, but they are all over the hillsides.

2014-01-22 Central California Coast 066

There is a place just north of Hearst Castle called Seal Beach.  There are tons, literally, of elephant seals.  They just go about their day, doing whatever they want. 

2014-01-22 Central California Coast 012

The beach is fenced, well actually the parking and viewing area is fenced, so I guess we humans are in the cage and the seals are free.  I kinda like that!

2014-01-22 Central California Coast 018

My GPS died while I was here.  I left the box and receipt at ‘home’ so I was a little worried.  I found a Best Buy in San Luis Obispo, just a little south of Morro Bay, and paid them a visit.  They completely replaced it with a new one, after finding the purchase record.  I was so relieved! 

California is having a big drought.  These fields should be green and have cattle grazing in them.  They farmers are actually having to feed them hay.  I even saw a field that was being watered so the cattle could eat later.  And see that big hazy area?  That is a dust storm.  The wind was brutal and I had to drive through a smaller dust storm.

2014-01-23 Central California 007



“Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.” – Irving Wallace

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