What Happens in Vegas . . .

Published January 29, 2014 by Jana

I won’t tell!  Well, maybe just a bit.  I stayed at the Venetian.  When I was checking in I was chatting with the front desk person.  When he found out it was my first time in Vegas, he upgraded me to a suite with a view.  Sounds impressive, but this hotel only has suites.  I thought of booking one when I called, but it was $50 more per night, and well, I’m just too cheap!  So here are some pics of the suite and view. 

2014-01-24 Vegas 002

2014-01-24 Vegas 008

2014-01-25 Vegas 001

The bath was amazing!!!

2014-01-24 Vegas 006

It was late in the evening when I got in so I ordered room service.  A salad and club sandwich.  Sooooo much food!

2014-01-23 Vegas 004

A lovely day in Venice?  Nope, just inside the shopping area of the Venetian.  I wandered around the area and didn’t take many pictures.

2014-01-24 Vegas 020

I stopped at Lake Mead and Hoover Dam on the way back to Phoenix.  I’m exhausted from all the traveling!

2014-01-25 Hoover Dam & Lake Mead 023

Awe, the grown up wind turbines had baby turbines!  lol

2014-01-23 Central California 019



“Travel is very subjective. What one person loves, another loathes.” – Robin Leach

2 comments on “What Happens in Vegas . . .

  • Jana, you are so brave doing this all on your own!!!! The pics are GREAT!!!! I would be scared driving a motor home!!! I am so glad you are having a grand time!!!!

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