Technology . . . I’m Clueless

Published February 2, 2014 by Jana

Ok, blogs may be on hold for a bit.  My main computer is having a fit and I can’t start it.  Well, it starts but the cursor won’t move and I can’t see what’s highlighted so if I hit enter I don’t know what’s opening.  And that is where all my pics are and a bunch of stuff is stored.

Luckily I remembered the login and password for this, because all that info is on an Excel spreadsheet on that other computer.  And most of the sites I visit regularly have the login and password stored through Mozilla, so I don’t type anything in when I open the windows. Sheesh!

I am hoping I can get it figured out, but probably not until after the Superbowl!  Go Seahawks!!! Why?  Because I met Paul Allen, the owner of the Seahawks.  He was a pretty down to earth guy even though he is super, filthy, stinkin’ rich!



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