Genius, Too.Two

Published February 3, 2014 by Jana

Another person I consider a genius Dale Chihuly.  He is a glass genius who I heard about nearly 20 years ago.  He has been working in glass since 1965, the year I was born!

2014-01-30 Desert Botanical Garden 134

I heard there was an exhibit here in Phoenix at The Desert Botanical Gardens so, of course, I had to go.  I have never seen any of his work in person before and it is just stunning.

2014-01-30 Desert Botanical Garden 296

I have done a little hot glass work, blowing and fusing, and can understand the amount of time it takes to produce these massive sculptures.  Although he doesn’t actually do the hot work anymore, it is still his vision that is brought to life by his team.  Enjoy the pictures.

2014-01-30 Desert Botanical Garden 145

When I get the computer issue resolved, I will get more posted.

2014-01-30 Desert Botanical Garden 268

2014-01-30 Desert Botanical Garden 059

Check him out here if you want to know more.


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