Oak Creek Canyon

Published February 20, 2014 by Jana

I traveled through Oak Creek Canyon to and from Flagstaff.  It is certainly a beautiful area.  I will have to come back to explore the towns.  I was in the mood for more natural and historic, so I skipped the towns, plus I was low on time!  Sedona will definitely require a look, and a different frame of mind, as well as Prescott.  Jerome, a ghost town, is on the list as well. 

2014-02-14 Oak Creek Canyon 014

2014-02-14 Oak Creek Canyon 024

2014-02-14 Oak Creek Canyon 026

This shot from my GPS shows an elevation change of about 1500 feet in a few miles.  And the next pic is the best I could get of the actual road.

2014-02-12 Arizona 460

2014-02-14 Oak Creek Canyon 020



“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

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