Four Corners in Las Vegas

Published February 28, 2014 by Jana

There is a place called Freemont St.  It is in ‘downtown’ Vegas.  I think it’s kinda funny they call it downtown since it is North of The Strip.

2014-02-21 Vegas 597

2014-02-21 Vegas 588

It is what I think of as ‘old’ Vegas.  There are 4 hotels at the main intersection.  The 4 Queens, The Freemont, The Golden Nugget and Binion’s. 

2014-02-21 Vegas 5952014-02-21 Vegas 609

I’d heard of the Golden Nugget before.  And of course Binion’s, because of the mystery surrounding Ted Binion’s death. 

2014-02-21 Vegas 6182014-02-21 Vegas 605

However, the main reason to come here is the light show. 

2014-02-21 Vegas 625

2014-02-21 Vegas 630

For about 3 blocks there is a curved canopy over the street.  Every hour, during the evening, there is a show. 

2014-02-21 Vegas 632

Each hour the show is different, although I didn’t know this until I went back a second night at a different time.  This post is the Bon Jovi hour, I will post others later.  His songs are playing and there are clips of him singing, as well as a bunch of other pictures. 

2014-02-21 Vegas 672

2014-02-21 Vegas 656

2014-02-21 Vegas 637

It’s definitely worth the trip. 

2014-02-21 Vegas 685

And you can see 1 million dollars in actual money, it’s inside Binion’s. 

2014-02-21 Vegas 611

And then there are the people . . . that is a post all by itself.  WOW!



“You lose sight of things… and when you travel, everything balances out.” – Daranna Gidel

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