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The End of the Silence

Published October 24, 2014 by Jana

Soon, very soon, I’m heading out on the road again.  It’s been a busy and not so busy 7 months.  I should have written something, but I didn’t.  There were a lot of pictures I could have added, but I didn’t.  I’m getting close to the limit of what I’m allowed here on the free site, so I’ll be taking some of the pictures out of the oldest posts.  I’ll leave the words up, at least for awhile.

I’ll be leaving on October 30th.  I get a free flu and tetanus shot from my former employer on the 29th.  And I’ll be donating blood.  I hope my arms won’t be too sore to drive my house!

My first stop will be in Tennessee.  I get to spend a week or so with my great-nieces while their mom is away on Army business.  I certainly hope the weather will be nice and the temps stay above freezing!  Then I’ll be wandering down the road to Florida.

Since I ‘semi-retired’ on October 1st, I have been getting a lot of stuff done.  Not as much as I wanted, since I ended up sick for about 10 days.  It sucked . . . completely!  So I will be leaving with the ‘must do’ list finished, but will still have something to do when I return, probably in the Spring.

Get ready for a photo blitz!