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Fun Times

Published December 20, 2014 by Jana

Tammy is pet sitting for 2 weeks at this fantastic house on the Atlantic.  The owners are ok with her having guests.  We get to have Christmas here.  I also am watching the Eagles game on a great TV with surround sound.  I have to say, I don’t care for the sounds of the flying graphics.  But I’ll deal.  Here are a bunch of pics of and from this beautiful house.

2014-12-17 Sailfish 003

2014-12-17 Sailfish 029

2014-12-17 Sailfish 046

2014-12-17 Sailfish 074

2014-12-17 Sailfish 001

2014-12-17 Sailfish 021

2014-12-17 Sailfish 043

And this is Sashey, on of the fur-babies.

2014-12-17 Sailfish 017

Everyone have a great holiday!


Still Here

Published December 15, 2014 by Jana

A few more pics of my time in Tennessee . . .

2014-11-07 Tennessee 017

2014-11-07 Tennessee 028

2014-11-07 Tennessee 041

2014-11-07 Tennessee 058

2014-11-07 Tennessee 064

And here is the Buss bar that was fried.

2014-12-06 Florida 009

And a couple of moon shots.  I couldn’t get true full moons because it was cloudy and rainy for several days.  I do need a tripod for anything better, though.

2014-12-09 Florida 040

This one is at the campground, after the clouds went away.

2014-12-05 Florida 018

Bad Blogger!

Published December 2, 2014 by Jana

I’m sorry I’ve been so bad about writing. I haven’t been in the mood for it. I have decided I’m staying in Florida until May, no coming back to PA in March.

I have had some issues. Finding a decently priced place to stay was a little hassle. I’m settled now in Jensen Beach. It’s just 2 miles from miles of beaches.

I had a turn signal light go out in the car. Luckily Tammys husband Rick is pretty handy. I bought the bulb and he replaced it for me.

My main laptop died. All my info and pics and such are on that one. I’m using a second one that I had. I took it to Best Buy because I though it was just a dead battery, but no such luck. They wanted $100 to transfer the data to the other laptop. Gulp!

So I talked to Jon and he found me a $6 part that I ordered. It was free shipping too, but will take 5 to 15 days to get here. Hopefully I can get the data transferred and all will be good.

Then my AC stopped working just before Thanksgiving. That’s a pretty big deal since it’s been in the 80’s here quite often. I was pet sitting over Thanksgiving and it had cooled down so that was ok. I asked at the campgroud office and got a name of someone who would come out and look at it.

When he opened the the panel and exposed the wiring, oh my! A bunch of the wires were burnt to a crisp. I got soooooo lucky that there wasn’t a big fire! He got it all fixed up the next day and didn’t even charge much!

So, life goes on. I’ll get some pics eventually. I think I’m not in such a hurry this time because I know I’ll be here for months. Friday is full moon and I’m planning on heading to the beach to see if I can get some cool moonrise shots on the water.

Be patient, I’ll get more eventually!