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Summer Fun

Published June 12, 2015 by Jana

The girls arrived on Memorial Day.  Yay!

So far we’ve built a fort and tore it down, they didn’t like the spiders that moved in.

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 697

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 707


The hammock swing is still up and is used daily.  It is attached to mulberry trees, which have mulberries.  Lots of mulberries.  Thus the purple feet.  So far, 2 dresses and 2 shorts are confined to at home play only.  I doubt those stains will be coming out!

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 711

2014-01-29 2014-01-29 001 003

We visited the Herr’s snack factory.  That was pretty cool.  They gave us chips right off the line, still warm, they were delicious!  The girls said it was better than Chocolate World!  I think it was just a spur of the moment statement.  lol

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 730             2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 732

We’ve had lots of art time, Baylee drew me.

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 735

We went to Cabela’s on a rainy day and they played in the tent displays, this one had a dog house attached!  2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 799

We try and get some reading in every day.  They both do pretty well!

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 803

I gave them the swag I got for them at the Tampa RV show.  The blinky neon rings were the favorite thing!

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 794

We went to the John Wright Restaurant for some music and friends.  It’s a great place, right on the Susquehanna River, with a large grassy area for playing

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 758

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 754

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 755

I made a chore chart for them, before I saw this list.  They are doing the 6-8 chores and a couple from the 9-11 age group.  When they complete a chore, they cover it with the flower.  As long as they do them each day, I’m giving them $2 a week for an allowance.  That is very motivating for them!

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 846    2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 804

They also have some loaner bikes.  They have gotten a lot of use!  I like that we live on a cul de sac.  There is very little traffic and they ride down to the circle and draw with chalk and play.

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 824

 Baylee turned 7 on June 4th.  I let her make most of the choices for the day.  We went to Huddle House for breakfast and Chocolate World to made our own chocolate bar.

I love the roasting tunnel pictures!

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 820

They hugged the Kiss!

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 819

McDonalds was the lunch choice.  A female mallard duck tried to join the party!

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 818

After dinner at Kauffman’s BBQ Ranch, with ice cream, she opened presents from Aunt Jen and I.  Mom got to watch from TN, thanks to Facetime.

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 829

We are just a few miles from a Berks County Library branch.  They have an awesome kids program.  We kicked off the summer reading program with the Superhero program.  They got to make a bunch of superhero gear.  For every 10 books they read, they will get a free sub from Subway.  Since we are reading about a book a day, I expect a couple of free subs!  And a bank will give them $10  in a savings account for reading 10 books, only one time for that, though!

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 872

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 871

2014-01-29 June 11 Phone 870

Most days they get their hair in braids.  It just keeps it nicer.  They cringe with every snag when I brush it.  This day they chose ‘puppy ears’ hair.

 2014-01-29 2014-01-29 001 008

Only 1 campfire so far, with marshmallows.  Yummy!

2014-01-29 2014-01-29 001 004

2014-01-29 2014-01-29 001 005

More fun will follow!