Busy, Busy, Busy

Published July 2, 2015 by Jana

The girls have been a big help with getting some work done around Aunt Jen’s house.  They tend to moan and groan a lot, but when I use the “Mom” voice, they snap to attentions and get to work.  My Mom had that voice, and apparently I have it as well!

We burned several huge piles of brush, trees and bushes.

And a side note, all these pictures were taken with my phone.  Pretty awesome!

This is the before pic. We dragged half of it out to the fire pit before we started burning, then kept adding to the fire.

Huge amount of ash was made, we even had a structural collapse in the fire pit!

It looks like Kenzie is on fire! They were pretty far back, enjoying the “hot snow” as they called it.

We kept the fire going pretty late one night.  It’s at least 10 feet tall!  See Jen for reference!


They do like drawing on the driveway! This was a really hot day. They had their swimsuits on to clean some toys I bought from a Facebook yard sale. They both had brush burns on their bottoms from moving around on the macadam! They won’t be doing that again!

We have eaten out at several places. This is a Chinese buffet in Hamburg. This was Kenzies dessert plate, 3 assorted cakes and General Tso’s chicken! She really liked the chicken! Baylee stuck to chicken nuggets and fries, lol!


When I was still working I bought a bunch of gift cards, for when I knew money would be in less abundance. We used this to visit Red Robin. The girls had kids meals and refilled the side of mandarin orange slices 3 times! I will be buying some of those for snack time!


We attended the Chester County Balloon Festival. Yes, for a fee, you could take a SCUBA lesson at a balloon festival! It was a little disappointing. The balloons couldn’t fly because it was too windy to launch. They had the baskets set up, with the burners, so we got to see them. The girls even got to get into one. I didn’t get pics, my phone battery was too low! 😦

They had a balloon laying down and, for a fee, we got to go inside and play.  It was rolling the girls around as the wind pushed it!

I would have freaked out if that thing was rolling over me like that! They loved it, I just stood in the super breeze from the fan!

There was a helicopter they could sit in. Aunt Jen gave them flying tips! This was about the only free thing there. They advertised all these activities on the website, but neglected to mention there was a fee for them, even after paying $30 just to get in. I will not be attending this event again!


There was a kids section where, for a fee, they could do several activities. Kenzie did extremely well on the flight simulator! Baylee nose dived into the ground almost immediately after take off! lol


I had to get my car inspected. They were driving toy cars on Chevy, the garage cat, poor Chevy!

One rainy day we stayed in our jammies all day, watched TV and ate in bed. They loved it! I found a decent show they really like on Netflix. It’s about mermaids and their adventures. Not spoiled, snotty brats who talk back to their parents.


I have a plumbing issue in my house so we are spending a little more time in Aunt Jens house.

Jack has gotten comfortable enough with the girls to lay on the sofa with them.  But only at their feet!

2014-01-29 000000000000011111111111111 151

I was packing for the girls to visit Aunt Shelly for about 10 days. Jack had to investigate.

Manny loved laying on the suitcase lid. He stayed put, even when I spun the suitcase around!


Jack has a serious fascination with this bag I got in Peru.

He stayed laying on it, even after I dragged him out of the bathroom on it.

Lazy Maisey! Can’t even hold up her head!

Jen and I attended the neighbors annual picnic. These were great, tasted like Kool Ade!



With the recent heavy rains, Jen has had a bumper crop of mushrooms, here are a few . . .

2014-01-29 000000000000011111111111111 266 2014-01-29 000000000000011111111111111 264  2014-01-29 000000000000011111111111111 196

2014-01-29 000000000000011111111111111 268 2014-01-29 000000000000011111111111111 193

Finally, a lovely sunset after a rainy day.

Later all!

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