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Yes, I’m a Horrible Blogger . . . 

Published July 12, 2016 by Jana

I’ve been very neglectful.  Part of the reason is very little WiFi connections. I can’t upload pictures from the computer without it.  

Another reason is time.  I don’t know how these mommy bloggers do it.  It takes me so much time to get pictures edited, write something even slightly coherent and then add the pictures to it.  They are obviously better at time management than I am.  

These kids sucks the energy and brains right out of me.  Maybe if I had them all the time and got them organized . . .  

Anyway, we are in CA about an hour south if Yosemite.  This campground is great for kids!   

The last 2 days were spent at Morro Bay and that area.  I was there about 3 years ago and fell in love with the area.  I wanted to spend more time there, but campgrounds fill up fast.  I tried booking space a couple months ago, but everywhere was full.  So we drove and stayed 1 night at a hotel.  That made me appreciate my rolling home even more!

I got a bunch of pictures uploaded, thanks to the hotel WiFi, so I will get posts up about the last few weeks up . . . eventually!

We went on a whale watch cruise.  I thought the girls would be fine, they love roller coasters.  But . . .

Neither actually barfed, but they were miserable for a bit.

I took a few pics with the phone, so enjoy!

There is no signal of any kind at out current campground.  So no communication for a while.

Happy travels,

Jana, MacKenzie and Baylee